Suivera™ is a 501(c)(3) Multi-Faith Spiritual Institute that seeks to unite all faiths through a common platform of unconditional love, compassion and a desire to grow together as a community, while maintaining each faith’s specific practices. Suivera™ serves as a safe space for individuals to express their own beliefs while simultaneously sharing and learning from others. We consider it much like the United Nations for faiths – each participant serving as a delegate, representing and sharing their practice while supporting and gaining knowledge and awareness of others as we all move toward common goals within our communities.

In this approach, Suivera™ also realizes that every community is only as strong as each member within it. For this reason, Suivera™ focuses on integrating the health and wellness of body, mind and spirit through education and personal/spiritual development. When we as an individual feel healthy and secure, we are better able to share and build with our community.

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What We're About

We feel that healthy people and organizations make a healthy community. With that in mind, our goal is to assist individuals as they enhance their daily lives by understanding ways to create a more balanced lifestyle. This, in return, improves the health & wellness of the community, the planet and the universe.

Our Story

Suivera™ is a term created to be whole, inclusive and balanced. It came into fruition after the founders realized that their personal journeys were the embodiment of seeking to understand self-truth.

In Latin, the root word for ‘truth’ is vera and the word for ‘self’ is sui. Together, Suivera™ is a combination that pulls together one’s awareness of self-truth and understanding of purpose. There is no literal term [Suivera], but it has been known in French slang to mean: I will. (Example: I will [insert here] into my reality)

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– Administrative Support
– Tax & Accounting Services
– Social Media Management
– Community Outreach
– Hold Fundraiser(s)
– Introduce Individual & Corporate Donors to Suivera

Financial Donations

– Information Technology Development (Web Design, Internet Library, Video Education Courses, Streaming Services)
– Staffing Needs
– Program Buildout

Help Us Locate Space

– Locate Single Space
– Approximately 4,000 – 5,000 square feet
– Building owner(s) may take a tax deduction for the fair market value

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